Easy Peasy provides you with an intuitive API to quickly and easily manage the state for your React application. Batteries are included - no configuration is required to support derived state, API calls, performance optimisation, developer tools etc.


  • Zero configuration
  • No boilerplate
  • React hooks based API
  • Computed properties - i.e. derived data
  • Data fetching / side effects
  • Persist state to session/local storage
  • Testing helpers
  • Extensive TypeScript support
  • Global, shared, or component level stores
  • React Native supported
  • Redux Dev Tools supported
  • Hot Reloading supported

Underlying Architecture

Under the hood we use Redux to power the store. 😱

Yes, we have noticed a lot of negative sentiment toward Redux recently. However, we feel that this is usually directed at the boilerplate and configuration that is typical within a Redux application. Discounting the boilerplate, the architectural design of Redux is awesome, providing us with characteristics that fit well into the React paradigm.

Easy Peasy is a full abstraction over Redux, providing an API that is both intuitive and quick to develop against, whilst removing any need for boilerplate. By wrapping Redux we get to leverage its mature architecture, whilst also being able to support the amazing tooling that has formed around it. For example, we support the Redux Dev Tools Extension out of the box.

In addition to this, as we are outputing a Redux store, this allows interop with existing libraries and applications that are using React Redux. A big benefit of this is that you can apply a gradual migration of your existing applications from React Redux into Easy Peasy.

To help support migration and interoperability we expose configuration allowing the extension of the underlying Redux store via middleware and enhancers.

That being said, absolutely no Redux experience is required to use Easy Peasy.